Called to Purpose

We need to be our “best self” because God has called each of us with a specific purpose and given us the grace necessary to fulfil it. Some people speak about the subject of “calling” as though it is very mysterious and difficult to discover. Not so, because the Bible is very clear about our fundamental purpose on earth. A recent piece of research from medical practitioners indicated that the majority of their patients suffered from a profound lack of purpose in their lives. In other words, apart from continuing to do the expected things – family, work, social life – their lives had no overarching goal; their goals were pretty meaningless. This in turn had an effect on their health and wellbeing. We realize from the Bible, however, that God has given each of us the opportunity to walk in His perfect plan for our life, bringing heaven to earth and living purposefully. If you are searching for your “calling”, focus on the high calling of loving God and enjoying Him forever.