Do Life Right

What directs your life? A lot of people simply make their own plans and head out into life in whatever direction they wish to go. The problem with heading out into life in whatever direction we want to go is we often find ourselves walking in darkness and it will lead us to stumble in life. We want the blueprints of our life to float down from Heaven and land on the kitchen table. But God’s Word doesn’t promise that, and do you know why? Because if He gave us those things then we would check out. We would stop seeking Him, looking to Him for direction, pursuing Him for His presence along our path. We would try to accomplish His plans on our own, and that would never work because His plans for our lives are such that He wants to be a part of them. In fact, they even are so amazing that they are things we could never accomplish on our own without Him. We cannot do life on our own—either stumbling in the dark without a light or trying to live by the light with more faith in ourselves than in God. So do life right—in the light of God’s Word with faith in the One who can bring us all the way home.