I Am Capable

We all know people who are considered highly successful according to the standards of the world, yet feel incompetent, insecure, and incapable. You may be one of them. Perhaps you look at your life and think it’s working. Sure, you have your problems, but compared to others, you’re probably considered successful. Yet, inside there is still a gnawing, inner insecurity and a lack of confidence and a feeling of incompetence. Why is that? It is because you are listening to your sub-conscious mind and it is feeding you moments from your past that are saying, “You’re a loser!” or “You’ll never amount to anything.” These moments from the past typically occur between the ages of 9-14 years old, and could have occurred in the home (from mom or dad) or even on the school playground. How ridiculous is it to let something that happened so long ago prevent us from living life to our fullest potential? Not getting picked first for the dodge-ball team doesn’t make you a loser! You need to quit believing those lies and start believing God. Quit looking in a distorted mirror of what peers and partners and parents have said to you. Start repeating what God says about you: “I am acceptable, I am lovable, I am valuable, I am forgivable, and I am capable.”