Life without Fear

Certainly one thing we should not allow to direct our life is fear. Fear can steal our peace. Even though the world appears to be more and more violent and threatening than ever before. In the midst of natural disasters, climate change and terrorism we must rebuke fear and through our faith we should not become afraid. In a world of uncertainty and fear, it can seem sensible to build your peace around fortresses of security, attempting to find a sense of peace in ourselves through hoarding possessions, achievements, success and accomplishments. But the peace Jesus offers is radically different. It is peace in the midst of suffering, in the midst of the storm. He tells us “Get ahold of yourselves. It is I. Do not be afraid!” God’s desire for us is to journey through life without fear, but we cannot do this without Him. Pray to God about those things that are worrisome to you, and ask Him to bring His peace to each of them.